Empowering consumer-led diagnostics

Beyond heart rate and sleep monitoring, what if people were able to take healthcare and safety into their own hands and identify diseases even before symptoms show? digid is a German Health Tech company on a mission to democratise personal health diagnostics.

Based on the company’s years of experience in the health and scientific sectors, digid is developing  a revolutionary technology allowing real-time, accurate digital diagnosis. Its AI-based biosensor technology will detect viruses, bacteria, DNA/RNA and toxins/drugs promptly and accurately.

BioMEMS – a single technology a thousand possibilities

digid’s first business case on their roadmap is the Cantisense™ SARS-CoV-2 Test, a portable Covid digital test. It provides accurate and quick results and allows health takers to test on-site. The technology used in these rapid tests, called BioMEMS, is scalable, mass-producible and versatile, offering multiple possibilities. digid is now ready for the next step. The company is currently working  on expanding the use of its technology and portfolio to be a frontrunner in safety and health diagnostics.

Deep-rooted partnerships

After a fruitful collaboration with digid where Qindle developed a user-friendly, future-proof packaging system, we are now supporting the company through our Qindle Ventures proposition to expand their product roadmap and go-to-market strategy. At the same time, translating it all into an inspiring, visually appealing investor pitch deck offering the strategy and positioning for their next steps as a Health Tech company.