2022 - 2023


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A global brand refresh


Deerns is a global engineering firm that creates sustainable and future-proof solutions for the built environment within multiple industries such as airports, healthcare environments, and data centres.

The company had a long-standing proud identity but was in need of a brand refresh that was more representative of the organization’s value proposition – transforming the built environment into living spaces.

During initial conversations with internal stakeholders, it became clear that the potential of this new identity reached deeper. There was an opportunity to capture the ongoing cultural change to accelerate Deerns’ innovative mindset and ambition. Bringing true value to their customers and the world, and just as importantly, catching the interest of the younger generation who aspire to work for brands with purpose.

The approach, therefore, changed into embedding that new culture and added value into a brand strategy first, then translating that into a cohesive, credible identity and intuitive design system. Hence bringing more emotional connection, relevance, and meaning to the brand, while still retaining an image of heritage and expertise.



Based on multiple brand strategy sessions with the management, Qindle developed a clear corporate narrative for Deerns, which was captured in an engaging brand manifesto. Creating insight in the changing organisational culture, led to a solid brand positioning framework and finally the capture of the brand personality in a clear archetype. Refining the brand strategy and making it more actionable, the brand personality was translated into distinctive brand values that inspire current and new employees to turn ambitions into reality with an entrepreneurial mindset.

The new brand strategy inspired and allowed to take a revolutionary step in the identity design, that now represents the organisation and its ambition through distinctive brand assets with meaning. At once, boldly refreshing, while also still reassuringly familiar.



Deerns’ expertise makes them operate at the crossroads of technology and innovation. The positive tension between their rational system thinking and lateral creative spirit inspired us to repurpose the known icon of the current identity (‘the eye’) into a meaningful representative of this tension, where the rational square world meets the emotional circular world.

Deerns’ forward-thinking vision to bring life into environments inspired the repeated use of the icon, and the use of it as a lens to the world and especially people they influence through their work. The icon is in that way the catalyst for the renewed design system, that simultaneously honours the roots of the brand. The new identity, that also includes a refreshed colour palette and a new photography style, shows Deerns’ open vision towards the future. Next to a dark blue word mark, bringing gravitas, we use bright colours to represent Deerns’ energy and their fresh take on their industry challenges.

The new identity is a rich visual system designed to be dynamic and flexible, allowing them to drive storytelling and build upon the new positioning long-term.

February 2023, Deerns launched the new identity, which was very positively received by its 550+ experts world-wide, who are bringing the brand values to life today, and to whom this new identity will support them in their passion to create a positive impact on the built environment.