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The Path to Inclusive AI


With AI becoming more widely accessible, companies and institutions of today want to build models of their own. But resources to train and run such models are not accessible for all and the key bottleneck of available compute is delaying the development of AI and thus slowing the pace of innovations which could solve some of humanity’s biggest problems.


The opportunity

FlexAI is a French start-up that delivers universal AI compute to unleash world-changing breakthroughs using AI. The company redesigned compute architecture at a system level to unlock simplicity, access, and efficiency for developers building AI applications. In their early stages of a growing start-up, they needed to refine their pitch and develop a fitting brand identity to place them at the forefront of the dynamic market.


Our approach

Together with the FlexAI team, Qindle developed a narrative and a clear vision and mission, translated into a brand identity that expresses the confidence of this independent rising star.

We believe in AI’s transformative power to solve some of humanity’s biggest problems, but it will require a 1000x magnitude more compute to be able to realise this vision

Brijesh Tripathi

CEO and co-founder of FlexAI

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Taco Schmidth Qindle's CEO