No time to waste

Responding to Crisis: A Team United for Change

In the wake of the Russia-Ukraine war, the People for People team immediately sprang into action, providing support to those stripped of their basic needs. But their mission didn’t stop there. Recognizing the ongoing need for assistance, they’ve doubled down on their commitment to data-driven, rapid-response initiatives in times of crisis. Their collective approach makes them successful in amplifying their impact to communities in need.


A Call for Collective Impact

At Purpose Day, Marcella Simons, the director of People for People, seized the moment to address a pool of potential partners. Tasked with delivering a keynote, she aimed to ignite a movement towards collective impact. Qindle, recognizing the magnitude of this opportunity, created a narrative that not only spoke to the present but painted a vivid picture of the future, where collective impact redefined humanitarian efforts.

Telling the People for People Story

Partnering with Marcella, Qindle crafted the People for People narrative, focused on bringing hope to those shattered by crises. With Momkai’s exceptional branding as our foundation, we injected the story with fresh energy, fostering inspiration and forging meaningful connections.