PL strategy

When a long-established supermarket acknowledges their brand needs to be uplifted, the strategy choice is crucial for business success. Our teams of strategists and designers supported this business’ transition reshaping the future Hoogvliet brand and executing it from logo to packaging redesign.

Hoogvliet supermarkets have been a popular destination for Dutch families for the past 50 years. In this project, it was essential to maintain the shop’s values of quality and best pricing while getting a new, contemporary and fresher look.

To stay competitive in this fierce market, our teams put emphasis on the brand proposition first, which resulted in a strategically founded design communicating the brand values.

Client: Hoogvliet, NL
Date: Brand strategy, design
Services: Brand strategy, design

'Qindle is a company where we work together with people. People who, together with us, want to ensure that we create a packaging that is not necessarily the best or most luxurious packaging, but one that fits our brand and reinforces it.

Qindle looks beyond the mere shape of the packaging and integrates the brand identity within the thinking process, which is to us much more important for the long term.'

Suzan Docter- van Deutekom Marketing, Hoogvliet