Qindle’s 5th anniversary

2022 is the year we celebrate Qindle’s 5th anniversary. As part of our celebrations, last Thrusday April 21, we gathered at a city beach in Amsterdam, Strand Zuid, together with our colleagues and Qindle Family. We shared our Qindle adventures, cheered to 5 years of making real change and envisioned the exciting future coming up.

Wolter Prinsen, Taco Schmidt and Ype Jorna.
Qindle’s Founders: Wolter Prinsen, Taco Schmidt and Ype Jorna.


A message from our Managing Director, Taco Schmidt: 

“5 years ago, Ype, Wolter and I were sitting at a bar not far from here. We were discussing what would make Qindle different from our earlier design companies. The conclusion was often summarized as proving the importance of creativity for business.  

On the one hand, this means creating a platform to discuss pressing matters such as a more sustainable world with people in leadership positions who might make change happen. On the other hand, it means showing the power of creativity, creating opportunities and solving business challenges.  

After 5 years, we can honestly say that we have proven to our clients, but most importantly to ourselves, that combining deep business and industry expertise with creative tools and design craftsmanship can create real impact. Having achieved this makes us really proud.  

So, thank you all, on behalf of Ype, Wolter and me, for your relentless efforts to deliver the best creativity has to offer. And the fun of creating together. Cheers to all of you and your creative powers!”  


Chris Best-Aram and Jasper van Eck
Colleagues at Qindle: Chris Best-Aram and Jasper van Eck


Part of Qindle's team during 5 years anniversary
Part of Qindle’s team during the Qindle Family reunion


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