Dutch Creativity

A closer look at the Dutch creative industry

As the D-day for The Creative Heroes Awards (CHA) is approaching (June, 27th), Dirty Science editor Tom Springveld met with the jury to investigate on how the Dutch creative industry is doing.

The second edition of the Creative Heroes Awards focusses on creative entrepreneurship resulting in a positive impact in the next three years. The interviewed CHA jury members sketch a creative scene with an exciting future ahead, which you can read all about in Tom’s article in Dirty Science.

As former Creative Hero Awards winner and current jury representative, Samira Boon expresses: “Dutch designers are not afraid of venturing into the ‘lion’s den and look for cooperation with other sectors. We dare to dream big.” This approach is not as common in other cultures. “The Dutch have innovation and creativity in their DNA”, says Hedwig Heinsman, also taking part in the ’19 jury.

Chairman of the jury Taco Schmidt, believes that creatives must show guts and be more entrepreneurial. Not copying the American way, but rather putting our unique Dutch creative point of view in front.

As mentioned in our previous article about The Creative Awards, creativity is not always that easy to show off as the pivotal point of successful and sustainable strategies, though the concept has grown exponentially and proved itself over the past few years. It is for this very reason that such events are so precious. Good luck to all participants!