Creative Heroes Awards

Submissions for the Creative Heroes Awards ’19 are now open

The Creative Heroes Awards is back with a second, rousing edition. From today and until April, 1st, the arena opens its doors for potential Heroes to submit (or be scouted) their most compelling project.

Stimulating an impactful (positive) change

The whole idea behind this ceremony is to reward, not only the greatest creative minds of The Netherlands, but also to really catch those game changers, who will bring a lasting positive impact on both people and society.

A group of 16 leading creative professionals will take part as juries, nominating, this year, the winners according to 6 different categories:

  • Impact on a personal scale
  • Impact on small social structure
  • Impact on large social structure
  • Impact on an urban scale
  • Impact on a national scale
  • Impact on a global scale

A deeper mission

The Creative Heroes Awards’ mission is deeper than that. The strategic use of design and the collaboration between creatives (entrepreneurs, studios, companies, etc.) is becoming increasingly important for the economic growth of any country. Although the link between manufacturers and designers might be obvious for some, the cooperation between parties insides and outside the creative industries is not so tight. “There must be more creative people in the boardrooms of large companies” – says Taco Schmidt, founder of Qindle and jury chairman.

Being creatively innovative and proving numerical value is a tough challenge. Will this year’s candidates be able to showcase ideas that will contribute into the country’s economic apparatus and support its top position as creative economy?

That’s what we are looking forward to hearing about! Stay tuned, the winners will be elected on June, 27th, in Amsterdam’s Undercurrent.

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