Cloetta's-Ceter-Plopp case






2021 - 2022


Brand positioning Brand Identity Design Portfolio Strategy

Reinvigorating local brands


Qindle collaborated with Cloetta’s marketing department to support the confectionary company in their mission to build stronger brands.

Cloetta has a wide portfolio of local leading brands, many with a long-term history and loyal consumer base. Two of their iconic Swedish ‘filled’ chocolate brands, Center and Plopp, needed a clearer, more unique footprint and a refreshed visual identity, to help consumers differentiate between the two and drive more emotional connection with a younger target audience.

Reclaiming relevance through strong and genuine positioning

After diving into the brand, market and consumer behavior, our research revealed an opportunity for both brands to establish a strong, distinguishable positioning, reclaiming relevancy in the Swedish chocolate market whilst honoring their heritage.

Using our unique positioning process, we established a more ownable, emotion-led story and stronger foundation for both brands, that was unlocked through a credible and engaging brand personality and tone of voice. The light-hearted Center evolves around sharing a moment of joy with their indulgent creamy filled pralines, whereas the expressive Plopp focuses on providing an individual rich experience with their flavoursome and unique filled countlines and tablets.

Based on the new positioning, Qindle further supported the brand owners by building a future product portfolio strategy, which was captured in a set of guiding principles to define the brand stretch in terms of new flavours, product formats and packaging archetypes for each brand.

Bringing strategy to life through a refreshed identity

The brand strategy guided us in the update of the main brand assets. The refreshed, evolutionary brand identity and packaging design of both brands reflects their new positioning, drives relevance and better disrupts and distinguishes them on shelf.

We are pleased to continue supporting Cloetta on this tasty journey and further building these two iconic brands.