Cloetta AB






Innovation Strategy Proposition

The future of confectionery


Qindle is proud to collaborate with Cloetta to establish an innovation process and bring disruptive new confectionery propositions to life.

Founded in 1862, Cloetta is a leading confectionery company based in the Nordics and the Netherlands. They aim to add a joyful touch to people’s lives with an ever-growing portfolio of products and brands that span 50 markets. 

One of Cloetta’s key growth strategies has been to acquire local brands. This has successfully built Cloetta’s business, but has also led to decentralized marketing, R&D and production, owing to the heritage of these brands.  

Cloetta engaged Qindle to ensure the company remained competitive in the face of price pressure, increased competition and societal shifts towards responsible ingredients and packaging. 

Together, Qindle and Cloetta established an overarching innovation process and filled the company’s pipeline with propositions for the coming 3-4 years. The new process equips Cloetta to shift away from incremental change, towards disruptive propositions that will secure Cloetta’s market position. 

Qindle remains in partnership with Cloetta as they look to the next horizon of the confectionery and snack industry. 

The secret ingredient: frameworks for true innovation

Cloetta’s innovation process was the product of close collaboration between agency and client. Through a series of workshops, we developed a tailored innovation framework connecting Cloetta’s brand and technology with process steps, governance and tools to ensure the process is self-sustaining.  

With the process established, Qindle supported all four categories (confectionery, refreshment, chocolate and healthy snacks) to fill their proposition pipelines for the coming 3-4 years. The category-specific innovation programs were based on carefully designed category visions and trend insights. 

Making the future of confectionery real

Qindle visualized the new propositions to generate buy-in and excitement from local brand managers. After successful consumer testing, the first spin-offs have already launched – with more to come.