Tech-Bites: exploring our favourite tech trends for 2021

The acceleration of digital adoption during 2020 will become an important factor of change and it will drive technology assessment during the year ahead. To have a better idea of how the future will look like, we asked our experts at Qindle to share their view on it. 

Qindle’s Creative Director, Strategic Design Consultants and Product Designers present their favourite tech-bite for 2021. 


Trend #1: ‘AR is here to stay’,
by Lian van Meerendonk, Strategic Design Consultant at Qindle.


Trend #2: ‘Food From Thin Air: FoodTech trends for a healthier planet’,
by Anna Schuck, Strategic Design Consultant at Qindle.


Trend #3: ‘Personalised transport in the era of passengers‘,
by Wojciech Stadnicki,Senior Industrial Designer at Qindle.


Trend #4: ‘From User Interface to Omniface’,
by Jasper van Eck, Strategic Design Consultant at Qindle.


Trend #5: ‘The Rise and Rise of Virtual Design’,
by Jason Kempen, Creative Director at Qindle.

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