Talking to Gen Z

How to talk to Generation Z?

Generation Z, born from mid-’90s through the early 2010s is a hot topic of the past couple of years. Since their eldest is entering the working world, this means a fresh new batch of opportunities and spending power for companies. It is said that in the US, “their purchasing power is $44 billion and expands to $600 billion when considering the influence they have on their parents’ spending”1.

Z is quite a new group type as they were born in the digital age, where the internet has always been fast and wireless, and where phones have always been smart. These youngsters are a passionate and driven bunch. As they are reshaping the marketing game, it is crucial to understand who they are and how they differ from previous generations to successfully market them.

Some of our clients are currently implementing new strategies around this, are you? Is your audience Gen Z? Then read ahead to find out about the 3 approaches to support your strategy.

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