Medical design

Sensius selected Qindle innovation & design as product and UI/UX design partner in the development of a thermotherapy product innovation that supports the treatment of patients suffering from head or neck cancer.

The Hypercollar 3D product is the result of ten years of research at the Erasmus MC on thermotherapy. A technology that heats-up cancer cells to 43 degrees Celsius with radio frequencies. Heating the cancer cells has a positive impact on the results of chemo- and radiotherapy with patients. Thermotherapy has no negative side effects for the patient.

After building the scientific foundation for this therapy it is now time to create an ideal patient experience, considering the circumstances of people being treated for cancer. The Qindle team is working closely with patients, a team at the Erasmus and Technobis Mechatronics as important partner for the engineering and production.

Sensius, is a spinoff company of the Erasmus MC that will make sensible thermotherapy accessible to hospitals worldwide. To further support the treatment of head and neck cancer.