Hoogvliet Private Label strategy

In 1968 Leen Hoogvliet started in Kwintsheul with a Cash & Carry store. Five decades later, Hoogvliet is now part of the top 10 food retail chains in The Netherlands and is known for being a supermarket where low price does not mean compromising variety and taste.

Hoogvliet asked Qindle Innovation & Design to revitalize their brand identity and create a clear design strategy for its complete private label assortment, including fresh foods, dry goods, and drinks.

Qindle developed a set of three concrete design principles to communicate a comprehensive and homogeneous story to consumers. Making the packaging assortment a strategic tool for the business and brand strategy of Hoogvliet.

We kept a strong recognizability within the brand but also added a touch of modernity. Portraying Hoogvliet’s long-known values as well as its drive to offer the best products and service. With special cues for differentiating factors, such as Hoogvliet owned bakeries, and a strong focus on fresh food.

The clear design principles make it possible to develop effectively in a short lead time the packaging design for the complete PL assortment. Qindle focused on the concept of the master design, while the artwork has been outsourced to a third party.

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