Dutch Design Week 2021

Design and innovation are tools to transform the way we live and connect with others and our environment. They can be the fuel of inspiration and a force of positive change. The 2021 Dutch Design Week proved to be a compilation of national and international examples of how design can be just that: inspiring and transformative. The theme of this year exhibition was ‘The Greater Number’, a reminder that ‘more is not always better’.   

“The future of design will be about reducing and fixing the overdose of design from the last century.” Zuzanna Skalska  

This year, innovation and design blended in a quest for new (natural) materials, humanizing technology and new sustainable design solutions. Sometimes, merging both or all three in one design. Enjoy our highlights of the event…  

Technology & Digital 

Technology is enabling new levels of connectivity between objects and their users. Tapping into the digital world has never been more tangible, allowing for ever more engaging experiences and even deeper emotional connections.  

“If future humans will ever live in entirely virtual worlds, what would their lives look like? How would we live if we were not hindered by language barriers, geography and social hierarchy?” ALLLESSS  

Humanizing technology – a new way of interaction 

IPSUM Smart Furniture DDW 2021

[Caption] IPSUM by Mathias Verheijden, Charlaine Janssen and Bart Bonges  

Less rendering = more understanding? 

CRASH Overrendering DDW 2021

[Caption] Crash by Jonas Hejduk 

Plugging users into an ecosystem of connectivity 

Cloud Interface Dutch Design Week 2021

[Caption] Cloud interface by Vincent Snijders 

Social and ecological solutions 

Designers and innovators are taking responsibility. Inclusiveness, circular economy, and waste reduction are at the centre of their work.   

“The rise of production in the 20th century has changed the way we relate to our products. When something stops functioning, we replace it. When something has become abundant, we throw it away.” DDW2021  

The gadget of tomorrow is green 

WEAR Happy Green Dutch Design Week 2021

[Caption] WEAR by HappyGreen 

The future of travel – redefining ‘experience’ 

MINI Sutainable Car DDW 2021

[Caption] MINI Vision Urbanaut 

Covid-19 single-use masks (1500 in total) put to good use  

COAT 19 Dutch Design Week 2021

[Caption] COAT-19 by Tobia Zambotti & Aleksi Saastamoinen  

New (natural) materials 

Technology and creativity get together seeking alternative, more eco-friendly materials.   

“For too long, we have taken Mother Earth for granted. Deep scars are everywhere in the landscape… Things must change. And it can be done differently.” Jeroen Junte at DesignDigger  

Bacterial cellulose becomes a biodegradable, strong and flexible material 


[Caption] LUNA by Studio Lionne van Deursen 

A bioinspired textile platform 

Motor Skins Dutch Deisgn Week 2021

[Caption] Motor Skins by Juan Opitz Silva, Facunda Gutierres, jose Villatoro and Nils JanBen 

From banana peel to shoe outsole 

KUORI Dutch Deisgn Week 2021

[Caption] KUORI materials