Driving into the Future

2020 is halfway done and we still don’t know when fully autonomous cars will become the norm and how they will transform the way we design car interiors. In our studio we like to think ahead and imagine how they will look like. Here is a collection of some great autonomous vehicles interiors from leading companies that inspired us. Check out their inspiring visions by clicking the links below.



This concept vehicle presented at CES 2020, pays particular attention to the connection between man, machine, and nature. The interior flows around occupants and opens them up to the outside world thanks to the presence of special lighting and dynamic shapes and surfaces.

Mercedes Benz Autonomous car


VOLVO 360 C:

Volvo Cars latest concept car, expected to be released in 2021, envisions a holistic view of a future of travel. Without a steering wheel, the vehicle requires zero driver input which allow for the maximum amount of interior space.

Volvo Autonomous car


BMW Vision iNEXT:

In February 2020, BMW released images of its autonomous car undergoing drive testing.  The interiors represent a real “living space” on wheel. A place of relaxation, interaction, entertainment or concentration, all in one.

BMW Vision iNext Autonomous car



The concept car by NIO was unveiled in SXSW 2017 and was supposed to go on sale in the U.S. in 2020. The seats are positioned to deliver flexibility with an enhanced feeling of openness. A folding table creates work or play space, while a comfortable seat allows for relaxation.


Island Ponti studio:

Ponti Design Studio has created a concept for an autonomous tram to encourage Hong Kong residents to safely return to public transport after COVID-19. The interiors are characterised by large circular benches, the “islands”, to facilitate social distancing.

Island Ponti Autonomous car