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Technobis Crystallization Systems

Qindle is Technobis’ partner in designing user-friendly, brand-led crystallization systems for pharmaceutical research. 

Technobis Crystallization Systems are found in laboratories around the globe. The company is a world-leading provider of high-tech research tools to the biopharmaceutical industry. Qindle continues to partner with Technobis to create new generations of crystallization systems. Qindle’s focus is two-fold: to optimize the user experience, and to develop a unique design language that is brand-ownable for Technobis.  

Qindle’s work is grounded in deep understanding of Technobis’ users, their context, and the company’s business and brand objectives. Qindle’s cross-functional team works alongside Technobis on strategy and brand through to industrial and UX design and engineering.    

Together, Qindle and Technobis Crystallization Systems created a unique 3D and 2D design language that connects Technobis’ product and software portfolio, building brand recognition in the industry. The first co-created system (and accompanying software) is already in the market, with a second system readying for launch.    

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