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JumboDiset Group

The JumboDiset Group is an important European player in the field of games, puzzles and toys. Qindle® is working since 2003 together with the brand, creating fun for kids of all ages.

JumboDiset is owner of beautiful equity with brands such as Ik Leer, PimPamPet, Stratego and Wasgij. The Group has the ambition to create more value from this equity through product & marketing innovation.

Qindle® assisted the JumboDiset marketing, design and R&D teams in the Netherlands and Spain with a collaborative innovation processes, starting with play and educational insights as well as trends based ideation sessions.

This resulted in a wide range of new product propositions and unique game experiences, which we translated in several NPD business cases. From there, our teams developed tangible product pilots to be tested with target groups.