Qindle Ecosystem

As innovators, we at Qindle are a jack of all trades. We bridge the gap between corporate strategy and production and can contribute meaningfully to every step in between. Our creative consultants are connectors who keep strategy consistency throughout the entire innovation and creation process. Backing them is an ecosystem of analytical minds and creative specialists across innovation, trend forecasting, consumer research, animation, motion, electronics, material sourcing, CMF sampling and prototyping. Our close-knit Qindle ecosystem can deliver innovation workshop facilitation, data research, visual storytelling, brand, UI and industrial design and product development.

In addition to our own team and our vast network of freelancers, Qindle is actively involved in Holland’s fast-moving start-up scene, which includes several leading technical universities in The Netherlands. These relationships bring new and fresh perspectives to innovation, which is essential to how Qindle works. We often turn these new insights and technologies into transformative opportunities for our clients. Make it real!

The Qindle ecosystem has partners in the following areas:

  • Trend forecasting
  • Electronics development
  • Material sourcing
  • Consumer research
  • Mechatronics production
  • CMF sampling
  • Data science
  • Optics development
  • Prototyping
  • Animation & Motion