Qindle on positive impact

We believe creativity and design are essential tools for leading global transformation towards a sustainable future. By working closely with industry leaders and consumers, we are uniquely positioned to define change and design end-consumer solutions that are both sustainable and desirable.

Companies are now being held accountable for their impact on society and the environment at all levels, and rightly so. Increasingly, investors expect the companies they invest in to have a positive impact program in place. At the same time, consumers expect the brands they buy to take responsibility for the waste they produce and the people they employ. Employees, for their part, want to work for companies with a clear purpose and vision on sustainability, equality, and diversity.

However, this creates a conundrum. On the one hand, products with no sustainable ambitions have no place in this world. On the other hand, fully sustainable products that no one wants to buy also have no place. This is why we at Qindle believe in sustainable innovation. Sustainable innovation is the sweet spot where a company’s social, environmental, and economic ambitions come together.

To determine a company’s sustainable proposition, we ask our clients four simple questions:

1.What is your corporate ambition?

Can you link your ambition to one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) ? Consider everything from product, production, logistics, and supply chain to society and the environment.

2.How will you make this real?

Where can you have the biggest impact in your supply chain? Consider raw materials, energy and water waste in production, logistics emissions, social impact, standard of living, health, safety, and/or education.

3.What will you measure precisely?

What metrics will you use to measure and gauge progress? Consider carbon footprint, recycle rate, sustainability index, and external certification.

4.How will you communicate it?

How will you brand and communicate the positive impact you’ve created? Consider a page in your annual report, integration into your brand values, the basis of a new product, or the focus of a campaign. Positive social or environmental initiatives can function as an innovation engine for any brand. After all, new perspectives bring new opportunities.

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