Cloetta's case: Innovation in the confectionery business.




Innovation process design

Shaping the future

Who doesn’t love sweets? In our brains, they’re linked to positive thoughts and feelings, and evoke some of our best memories. That is what Cloetta, a leading confectionery company with multiple brands in over 50 markets, is all about: adding a joyful touch to people’s daily lives through their products.

For years, one of Cloetta’s growth strategies has been to acquire local brands. This has successfully contributed to the company’s business growth, but has also resulted in decentralised marketing, R&D and production due to the heritage of these brands.

Today’s market is being challenged by price pressure, increased competition and social demands for more responsible ingredients and packaging. To drive growth in this market, successful brands need to continuously launch innovative products. Cloetta recognised these challenges, and sought to develop a future-focused, overarching innovation process to achieve real and relevant innovations within the confectionary business.

A phased approach towards true innovation

Qindle® supported Cloetta in developing a new innovation process that enables the company to truly innovate and outperform competitive market players. During multiple innovation workshops together with a wider Cloetta team, the ambition was set and the process steps defined, leading to the development of ‘category specific innovation programs’.

The result is a distinctive innovation framework that connects brand and technology. It includes detailed process steps, an agreement on governance and tools to support the process.

Once the process was established, Qindle® facilitated all four categories (confectionery, refreshment, chocolate and healthy snacks) to build out a 3-4 year innovation outlook. Using the Cloetta category visions, multiple relevant innovation programs were defined. These programs give focus to true product innovation in each category, enabling the Cloetta brands to maintain a leading position in the market.

After the innovation programs were set, the teams identified key opportunities during multiple NPD workshops, resulting in a filled innovation roadmap with relevant product propositions.

Visualising these propositions generated internal excitement and commitment from local brand management teams and ultimately led to successful consumer testing of the propositions. The first spin-offs have already been launched and there is more to come this year and next. In the meantime, the yearly innovation cycle continues.

Having established an overarching innovation process enables Cloetta to deliver true product innovation in the years ahead, and shift focus from incremental to more disruptive innovation. Qindle is very proud to be part of this journey and continue to be excited about our long-term collaboration to truly innovate in the confectionery business.

Client: Cloetta AB
Date: 2019-2020
Services: Innovation Strategy, Proposition