Qindle & RB

Qindle joins Robert Bronwasser’s studio

Qindle starts a studio in Robert Bronwasser’s design studio. With the Qindle creative team: design researchers, brand & industrial designers and engineers will start in the studio. Qindle founder Taco Schmidt: ‘Robert and myself have been working together for 14 years on innovative, design driven projects’. And have shared a studio in the past. ‘We are looking forward joining our creative thinking and design skills again’.

The studio is located in the creative hot spot of Amsterdam, in the Northern part of Amsterdam. Located near the A’dam tower, NDSM and surrounded by creative freelance skills, makers and studios. Completely in line with Qindle’s network mentality in which collaborative innovation and sharing creativity is essential.

Latest work of Robert Bronwasser, for more design with a smile: Robert Bronwasser.